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Patrick is that kid who always felt that writing a book was for “other people” far more intelligent than his own brain’s creative abilities. Even after becoming a school principal and a dean of education of a teachers training college, he still had the desire to write, but wrote in private, for his own personal enjoyment. After starting his own business Mindlogik Ltd. providing mind mapping and project management software tools and consulting, work got in the way and he parked his dream… for a while. 

On a day, he was at a jungle themed birthday party of his grandson William. Picking up his travelling ukulele, he strummed out a song about a leopard that gets convinced to become a vegetarian and this led to the publishing of his first children’s book.

Patrick now spends his time, working on his business, playing one of his beloved eight ukuleles, writing books for children, teen and adult genres and getting as much exercise as he can by tramping and mountain biking around the wonderful Waitakere Ranges and New Zealand landscapes.

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